Catherine and Andrews north wood wedding celebration at Rivercrest Farms was nothing short of spectacular.  Rivercrest Farms is more than a farm to these two.   Their love of all animals is HUGE and the aesthetic matched their personalities perfectly.  It’s a place that’s near and dear to their hearts and the destination they chose for their family and friends to gather for a weekend full of relaxation and celebration.

Choosing a location for your wedding isn’t just about finding a venue to accommodate your guest list.  It’s about listening to your heart.  That’s exactly what these two did.  With the help from family and friends, they planned their farm wedding while residing in Columbus. The amount of detail and dedication put into their day was surreal.  From the custom welcome packages to the delicious meal served at dinner, the passion spoke from their hearts.  At the end of the night, you knew why this small farm in northern Ohio meant the world to the two of them.  It’s a magical place!!