Traditionally, couples choose a weekend date to celebrate their nuptials, unless they are currently living in Hawaii and the majority of their close friends are in Columbus.  Then you choose a Wednesday to get married.  Because, really, it wouldn’t be a proper celebration without them.  It’s not surprising that Caroline and Matthew chose this route.  In the short amount of time I’ve had to get to know them, it’s very apparent they are incredibly kind-hearted and always looking out for everyone around them.

Matthew and Caroline met through a friend she had gone to boot camp with.  This friend blind sided her with Matthew by inviting them both over for dinner; without either of them knowing someone else was invited.  She was dating a sailor, who knew a sailor, that needed a date to the Navy Ball.  Matt asked Caroline to the dance right after they were introduced.  The best part was the shirt he had on.  A Forrest Gump shirt that said "Stupid is , what Stupid does".  Does it get any more romantic!? Hahaha

They had their first official date at Bravo's.  Matthew picked up Caroline from the same friend's house that introduced them.  She specifically remembers riding in his mustang and awing over his music playlist.  He had all the classics and that was one of  her biggest attractions.  "Say it ain't so" by Weezer, "Creep" by Radiohead, and of course, their song "Wonderwall" by Oasis.  Their date went smooth and after the meal, Matthew rolled his napkin into a rose and gave it Caroline.  It became a theme and she still has all the napkin roses he's ever made. 

Caroline does THE best job with their proposal story, so I'm going to leave it in her own words ;)  "Oh! Something actually romantic lol.  Wellllll Matthew proposed to me on a Saturday afternoon.  It was July 16th 2016!  It was such a perfect day, I don't know how I DIDN'T know!  I wore my favorite tropical romper and braided my hair for a much needed beach day!  Before we left, we bought a cooler and went to the farmer's market to pick out some cut up fruit to take with us.  It was so much fun trying to find the best deal because there are several booths selling the same things, all at different prices.  We actually bought a coconut to drink because Matt had never had one!  We packed the cooler, drove to Paradise Cove, spent hours on the beach, and played football in the water.  As soon as we were done packing up to leave, I see Matt on his knee, and for some reason, I thought his back was bothering him so I asked him if he was ok??  But then I realized he was proposing!!  Everything was frozen... I didn't hear anything he said before "Caroline Renee Williams, Will you marry me?" AHHH".  Very romantic!!

Their wedding day was no different than a weekend wedding celebration.  Guests arrived were greeted by the gorgeous historical space at Everal Barn.  Cocktail hour brought everyone together and filled the space with laughter, guests sipped on drinks and enjoyed some of the tastiest BBQ.

Caroline and Matthew, your wedding day was filled with so much love and happiness.  It was an honor to document your celebration and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to get to know the two of you.  Best wishes and big hugs to you both, and to Chole, too.

Thank you to the following creatives + planners for making their day so incredible:

Photography: Ashley Rene Photography //  Floral Designer: Prema Designs (Amarita Kenner) //  Makeup + Hair: Nurtur Salon //  Venue:  Everal Barn //  Cake Designer: Cakes Creatively by Crystal   //  DJ: Spoilt' Rotten Events (Sandy Rinaldi) //  Gowns: David's Bridal  //  Tuxes: Men's Warehouse  //  Stationary: Wedding Paper Divas  //