I’m so excited to share Brittany + Chris’s beautiful Greenville wedding with all of you. Brittany is one of my younger sisters :) She’s one of the strongest, most genuinely wholehearted women I know. As soon as I met Chris, my initial thought was that she was the perfect catch for him. I can honestly say that this couldn’t be more true for both of them. They complete each other.

They met through Mike and I. After several years of hanging out as friends and getting to know each other, Brittany finally made her move and asked for his number :)

It was such a gentle ease into the relationship that their first date could have been a couple different times. The one that sticks out the most was going to a book fair at the Columbus fairgrounds and spending the day looking at books. It ended with going to see Umphreys (a bluegrass band) in Dayton and staying at Chris’s sister's house. After the show they sat by the fire and talked for hours.

The proposal wasn’t a single moment. Brittany always wanted it to be a discussion and not a big surprise moment. So after talking about it for a few months, going over pros, cons, options, worries and benefits they started looking at rings. They talked about the general style and gem that she liked but in the end Chris picked out the ring himself. He made her a really lovely dinner complete with champagne. Once they were done eating Chris came downstairs with his fists closed and asked Brittany to pick a hand. When she did he opened his hand and gave her the most beautiful ring she could have imagined. They then proceeded to get drunk on champagne and watch Austin Powers. It was one of their most special nights. 

I was honored to travel to Greenville and capture their wedding day. I hope to be their family photographer for many years to come.