Justine+Nate :: Camp Mary Orton

One of the largest and most important decisions a couple has to make when planning their wedding day is choosing the venue. There are so many options and often times it can become very overwhelming. One piece of advice I can give is to choose a venue that truly speaks to you as a couple. Whether the location holds some sort of sentimental value to you or it’s a location that you feel will fit your style of wedding, it’s a decision that will set the tone for your event. justine and nate chose to stand before their closest friends and family and celebrate their wedding at camp mary Orton. Anyone who knows these two know how important family is to them. They have an extremely strong family bond that many admire.

justine and nate's beautiful camp wedding would not have been possible without the support of their family and closest friends. The amount of detail, planning, and dedication that went into their day wasn’t overlooked. From the moment you drove onto the camp, you could feel the love, joy and support for these two.